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Pinnacle Van Lines is a luxury long-distance moving, and logistics service company with over 20 years of combined industry experience. We service all of the continental United States, providing services which includes, luxury residential long-distance, and commercial moving, packing, and setup services. Safely and securely move your entire household anywhere throughout the continental United states with Pinnacle Van Lines.

What Is A Long-Distance Move?

Long-distance moves differ from the common local moves which usually cover short distances and metro areas within the state. Long-distance moving covers the state lines and additionally across the countries. They are also referred to as an interstate or a state-to-state move. Regardless of the distance, every move should possess a federal authority of the state abiding the laws and regulations. This includes the insurance requirements which are engraved to protect consumer goods in the course of long-distance moves. This is where one would need to discern between long-distance moving companies from the fraudulent movers who do not hold any authenticity with their moving agency and try to make huge money or profit out of their moving agency.

Residential Long-Distance Moving Is Our Specialty

With Pinnacle Van Lines, the long-distance quote is based on an equation that factors in multiple variables, such as distance, labor cost, and cubic footage. At Pinnacle Van Lines Every quote is customized to suit your needs, and requests. Long-distance moving services vary from state to state, which is why our inventory specialist at Pinnacle compile, and itemize your inventory to insure we provide an accurate quote.

Services Offered For Long-Distance Moves:

  • White glove Professional Packing
  • Corporate Relocation, and Logistics
  • Short and long-term climate-controlled Storage
  • Do it yourself, packing solutions.

Packing on a long-distance move would be the greatest hitch of all time. It is always considered a lighter factor when it comes to moving across states or countries, yet customers who handle more fragile items would definitely never overlook packaging services. At Pinnacle Van Lines, we would always consider our customer’s satisfaction as integrity to the services which we provide. Hence our packaging services include,

  • Full Packing
  • Partial Packing
  • Single Item Packing

With these packing services in mind, our professional packers make sure that every single item is packed safely at your place and in specialized boxes that are exclusively used during long-distance moves. We are considered the Florida movers for the quality of service that we provide when it comes to packaging. In case, if you have already packed most of your items to reduce the cost of packing, we still ensure the safety of the good that is to be moved and we would also help you with items that are yet to be packed. As we have come across customers who might find it difficult just to pack fragile items and we still manage to help them around.

Corporate Relocation:

Pinnacles Van Lines Corporate relocation, logistics, and onboarding process is designed for businesses of all sizes. With a white glove level of attention to detail we package, wrap, and secure your infrastructure, Technology, electronics, sensitive files, documents, and furniture. Safeguards are put in place by our relocation specialist guaranteeing a smooth, and safe transition from one location to the next.


At Pinnacle Van Lines we offer numerous storage solutions, varying in sizes, “cubic footage”, and duration, “length of term of storage”. We used above industry standards when storing your valuables, and irreplaceable possessions. Our storage facilities use Climate controlled free-standing structures, an or environmental controlled insulated and sealed containers for maximum protection.

Our Mission:

Pinnacle is dedicated to providing an exemplary level of service to our current clients, and future clients virtually, over the phone, or in person each and every time.

Our Vision:

We at Pinnacle believe everyone should have access to affordable relocation solutions, regardless of ethnicity, religion, creed, or financial status.

Core Values:

Integrity, we convey strong moral principles and moral uprightness, know what’s best for our clients is what’s best for us as a company. Honesty, we adhere to the fact, demonstrating fairness, transparency and straightforwardness in every interaction. . Accountability, our willingness to accept responsibility for our own actions, as well as the action of industry partners.

Residential Moving:

At Pinnacle we expertly move your place of residence so that your transition is smooth and seamless from one location to the next.

So, what makes us stand out? The professional relocation specialist at Pinnacle Van Lines understands the logistics involved in moving. Moving takes planning, and we take the time to customize our process to ensure that we meet all of your moving and financial needs. At Pinnacle we go the extra mile to get it right the first time.

Next Day Movers & Last-Minute Moves:

Need professional movers fast? You can count on Pinnacle. Whether you need next day movers or next week movers, we provide all of the necessary professional moving services you desire. Our Nationwide team of specialists and drivers is proficient in handling expedited relocations, efficiently, on time, and on budget.

White-Glove Moving Services:

At Pinnacle we encourage our white-glove moving services for all residential and commercial relocations. White glove moving service takes the stressful load of, wrapping, boxing, packing, storing, transporting, unpacking, all of your fragile items off of your shoulders and puts it in the hands of competent moving professionals. No item is too delicate or fragile. This enables you to focus on other details, such as getting settled in your new home or place of business. Whether you’re moving locally or over a long distance, you can trust Pinnacle to safely transport your treasured possessions.